TI 84 help sheets

The calculator we support in the IB is the TI 84+. Here are a selection of files that will guide you through a few key tasks.

  1. Top tips
    A colection of basic skills such as standard form, storing answers etc
  2. The table
    How to generate a table of values in order to numerically solve an equation.
  3. Simultaneous equations (graphical)
    Solving simultaneous equations by plotting both functions and finding the intersection. This is a really useful technique as it is not restricted to linear equations; we can use it on quadratics, exponentials, the lot!
  4. PolySmlt - the Poly bit
    Using PolySmlt to solve polynomials (eg quadratic equations).
  5. PolySmlt - the Smlt bit
    This time PolySmlt is used to solve simultaneous equations. This may be easier (and faster) than using Simultaneous equations (graphical) but remember it only works on linear equations.
  6. Simple statistics I
    Entering data into a list and calculating simple statistics such as averages, quartiles and standard deviation.
  7. Simple statistics II
    Same plan as Simple Stats I but this time using frequency tables so you don't have to enter hundreds of bits of data.
  8. Regression I
    How to use the calculator to calculate a line of best fit - and to say how good a fit it is.
  9. Regression II
    More examples of Regression using several lists.
  10. Regression III
    Yet more! This time plotting the line on the calculator and then using the formula of the line in calculations.
  11. Chi-squared
    Performing (and interpreting) a chi-squared test on a contingency table.
  12. Normal distribution
    Calculations using the normal distribution.

It is worth noting that it is possible to take screen shots from the calculator (using either the "official" Ti-Connect software or one of several "unofficial" programs sch as TiLP). I would generally suggest that is better to place work from a spreadsheet into projects etc than screenshots from the calculator, but there may be times when you need to and now you know it is at least possible.
(The same software may also be used to transfer data, lists etc, to and from the calculator; useful if you have collected all your data in a spreadsheet and do not want to re-type it all.)